Why the Sarawak River Cruise?

The Sarawak River Cruise is a fantastic way to cruise down the historic memory lane that is the Sarawak River. Our route takes you past numerous historical landmarks such as the Astana, built as long ago as 1870, the Brooke Dockyard (1912), the Kuching State Mosque (1847), the Old Court House (1874), the Square Tower (1879), Main Bazaar (1864), the Chinese Museum (1912), Fort Margherita (1879) and the Malay villages along the riverbanks.

On some days, you may enjoy the sight of young village children splashing along the river and diving from tree tops, while shouting and waving excitedly to you.

A cruise on the Sarawak River is definitely one of the best ways to explore the city – not to mention the beautiful sunset that makes for a gorgeous backdrop to your journey.

What time does the cruise depart?

Guest start boarding at 5.00pm and the cruise departs at 5.30pm daily.

What time do I have to arrive at the Waterfront Jetty?

It is advisable that you arrive at the Waterfront Jetty by 5 PM.

Are there snacks sold on board?

Snacks, tin drinks and beers are available for sale on board at the Captain’s Snack Bar on the Upper Deck.

What if it rains?

The lower deck is covered and air-conditioned thus the weather will not affect the cruise’s schedule.

It is advisable that you bring an umbrella or a raincoat to walk down from the Waterfront Jetty to the boat.

Can I reschedule my bookings?

To re-schedule your bookings please call 082-240366/012-8875822. Rescheduling is subject to seat availability on preferred date.

What is the safety features on board?

Life jackets are available at the overhead compartments at the Lower Deck and also in the Captain’s Room on the Upper Deck. Grabbing floats are located at the back of the ship on the Upper Deck. Floating devices are located on the sides of the ship.

Are there any seat allocations on the boat?

It is free seating during the Signature Sunset Cruise. Feel free to roam about the boat during the cruise, except into restricted areas.

Are there any washrooms/toilets on board?

Yes, there are. Toilets are located on the lower deck. Head towards the mini bar and the door to the toilet will be on your left.

What do I need on board?

You may want to bring some small change to purchase additional snacks, drinks and beer. If it rains, an umbrella or a raincoat will come in handy. Do bring along a camera so you can take photos on board.

Can we charter the boat for events?

Yes, please refer to our events page if you wish to organize an event or party on board the MV Equatorial, and do contact us.

Will the boat wait for me?

No, it will not.

What will happen to my ticket if I arrive late and the boat leaves without me?

The ticket is NOT refundable. You may present yourself to the ticketing staff and alert them about your situation. Your ticket can be carried forward to another favourable date.