Boat Hire Rates

Option 1 : Exclusive Private Boat Hire Rates

Particulars1st hour rates2nd hour ratesSubsequent
hour rates
CruisingRM3500 per hourRM 2500 per hourRM 1500 per hour
Non-CruisingRM 2000 per hourRM 1500 per hourRM 1000 per hour

Terms and Conditions of Private Boat Hire

  • Boat hire does not include food and beverages, nor does it include usage of amenities.
  • Outside catering is subject to an additional charge of 10% of the total boat hire amount. Caterers must be approved by the Management of the Sarawak River Cruise.

Time Slots Available for Boat Hire:

  • Bookings before or after Sunset Cruise requires a minimum total of 2 hours hire.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: 1st hour rates + 2nd hour rates = 2 hours’ hire Bookings during the Sunset Cruise (5.30 PM-7.00PM) requires a minimum total of 4 hours hire.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: 1st hour rates + 2nd hour rates+ Subsequent hour rate +Subsequent Hour Rate = 4 hours’ hire

Option 2 : Rental of Amenities

-60’Widescreen Full HD TV
-50’Widescreen Full HD TV
-Karaoke set & PA System
-BBQ Facilities
-Colonial Mini Bar
-Buffet Line Amenities (Warmer, Chaffing Dish & Kitchenware
RM 2000
Terms and Conditions of Private Boat Hire:
  • Additional items that are brought on board during boat hire must be listed down i.e kitchenware
  • For itemized rental of items please request. Charges will be made per item.
  • For any external contractors such as party or event organizers, additional sound & lighting, decorations and etc contracted to handle the events, please provide their company information and contact details.

Option 3 : Additional Add-On during Boat Hire

  • Red Wine RM150 per bottle
  • White Wine RM150 per bottle
  • Beer RM 12 per can / tin
  • Tuak RM 50 per bottle
  • Liquor available upon request
  • Liquor Corkage at RM 80 per bottle
  • Wine Corkage at RM 50 per bottle
  • Beer Corkage at RM 6 per bottle
  • Beer Corkage at RM 3 per can / tin
  • Cake RM25 per unit
ParticularCharges (RM)Details
Cultural Dance Performance1800Iban, Orang Ulu, Melanau, Bidayuh
Blowing Fire through the Mouth1000
Sape Performance800
Live Band26003 Pieces
Decoration (Palm Leave)700Upper deck
Red Carpet700
Decoration Center Piece Flower2000Fresh flower for every table

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