Boat Hire

Treat yourself and your guests to a breathtaking adventure, featuring a 360’ panoramic view of the Kuching skyline. Hire our boat today!  


Cruising Rates

1st hour cruising2nd hour cruising3rd and subsequent hour(s)
RM 3500 per hourRM 2500 per hourRM 1500 per hour(s)

Non-Cruising Rates

1st hour non-cruising2nd hour non-cruising3rd and subsequent hour(s)
RM 2500 per hourRM 1500 per hourRM 1000 per hour(s)

** The rates stated above do not include any food & beverages, nor does it include the use of amenities on board (see rates below).

** Outside catering is subject to a 6% surcharge of the total boat hire amount. Caterers must be approved by the management.

Rental of amenities

RM 2500 per cruising trip

Rates include

  • 51” Widescreen Full HD LED TV (Upper Deck)
  • 60” Widescreen Full HD LED TV (Lower Deck)
  • Karaoke set with more than 50,000 songs
  • 2 cordless microphones
  • 2 wired microphones
  • PA System/DVD/CD player
  • Rostrum with Microphone Stand
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Buffet Line Amenities